Sku KG5148V-DC

Automatic sensor faucet KG5148V-DC

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  • Color: stainless steel
  • Advantages of the product

    • The spout is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel
    • One of the most affordable automatic faucet models on the market
    • Several connection options to the power supply
    • Powered by any USB power supply
    • Vandal resistant sensors
    • 5 years warranty for commercial use
    • Lifelong service support

    The Kopfgescheit KG5148V-DC automatic faucet is a non-swivelling, non-temperature-controlled faucet designed for domestic and commercial use. Meets increased requirements for reliability. No plastic in the whole pipe system.

    Vandal resistant stainless steel housing (SUS304) allows the use of any cleaning agent. New generation infra-red sensor with fully digital signal processing. Low battery light indication. Automatic sensor adjustment when first switching on. Possibility of remote sensor adjustment with remote control (not included). Brass solenoid valve with integrated filter and water flow adjustment. Easy maintenance with EasyCare function.

    Advanced energy-saving technology for longer battery life.

    Powered by DC 6V (4 AA batteries, not included). For connection to external power supply you can use USB cable from the delivery set or power supplies KG-PS12 (for 12 volt mains) and KG-PS220 (for 220 volt mains) which can be purchased separately.

    Automatic water shut-off if used for more than 60 seconds. Automatic water refilling of the odour trap in case of non-use for more than a day.

    • Purpose - for wash-basin
    • Type of faucet - touch-sensitive
      body material - stainless steel SUS304
    • Spout shape - traditional
    • Swivel spout - no
    • Shut-off valve - solenoid valve
    • Power supply - DC6B (4*AA batteries) (internal) AC 220V or AC/DC 12V (external)
    • Aerator - yes
    • Spout length - 132 mm
    • Spout height - 95 mm
    • Faucet height - 150 mm
    • Colour - stainless steel
    • Mounting type - wash-basin
    • Style - contemporary
    • Complete tap - flexible
      connection size - 1/2
    • Fastening type - nut
    • Faucet shape - round
    • Net weight - 0,8 kg
    • Number of mounting holes - 1
    • Spout complete with sensor (faucet) - 1 pc.
    • Solenoid valve with EasyCare function and integrated fine filter - 1 pc.
    • Battery compartment with battery holder - 1 pc.
    • Silicone gasket with washer - 1 pc.
    • Fixing nut - 1 pc.
    • Fixing kit for battery compartment holder - 1pc.
    • USB cable - 1 pc.
    • Removable key for aerator - 1 pc.
    • Gasket (1/2") - 1 pc.
    • Product data sheet with warranty card - 1 pc.
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