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The Kopfgescheit company. Production of electronic sanitary ware

  • Warranty service for up to 5 years
    for commercial use of the products

  • After-sales service for the entire life cycle of the product

  • Only high quality materials are used in production:
    brass LC40C, chrome, stainless steel SUS304 and food-grade polypropylene

  • Developments of our own,
    guaranteeing the smooth operation of our products

  • Unique patented solutions

  • Guarantee of the best price, taking into account durability, quality
    and product performance

  • Over 15 years on the market

KOPFGESCHEIT OÜ is a Estonian high-tech company that develops and manufactures automatic sanitary ware under the Kopfgescheit brand name. The company was founded in 2005. It has offices in Europe, Hong Kong and China.

The company is engaged in self-development. It has several patented solutions: A unique capacitive sensor for urinals and a generator that generates electricity from water flowing through the faucet, the world's first automatic cat toilet, which does not require consumables, also the technology of producing faucets called "Monolit". Kopfgescheit sensors are used in products by European and Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers.

The company's own technical support makes it possible to provide up to five years of warranty service - even in the case of commercial use of the products.

Over its 15-year history, the brand's products have found use in various parts of the World, from small cafes to the capital's airports and Olympic sports venues.

The company plans to introduce new technological devices to the market, further localisation of products for the European consumer, development of the retail business and expansion into EU markets.

Automatic sanitaryware

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