Sku KG533 12D

Thermostatic faucet KG533 12D

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  • Color: chrome
  • Advantages of the product

    • Has integrated filters and non-return valves
    • Protection against scalding
    • Suitable for walls up to 25 mm thick
    • Both thermostat and cartridge are made of high-quality brass
    • 5-year warranty for commercial use

    Automatically mixes and maintains the set outlet water temperature.
    Suitable for in-wall installation where there is a need to adjust the water temperature regularly, with the water distribution being closed. Small size and easy wall mounting system, designed for water supply systems with ½" polypropylene and metal plastic pipes. It has integrated non-return valves for hot and cold water with coarse filters and protection against scalding.

    Up to five water distribution points can be connected (depending on local conditions).

    • Body material: chrome-plated brass
    • Material for cover plate: chrome-plated brass
    • Flywheel material: chrome-plated plastic
    • Cartridge material: brass, stainless steel
    • Working pressure: 0,05 - 0,7 MPa
    • Pressure difference between cold and hot water: max. 0,1 MPa
    • Working pressure difference between cold and hot water: max. 0.1 MPa: DN15 (G1/2")
    • Inlet temperature range:
    • Cold water: 5-29 ℃
    • Hot water: 50-80 ℃
    • Outlet water temperature range: 20-50 ℃
    • Temperature limitation by fuse: 38 ℃
    • Thermostatic faucet - 1 pc.
    • Product data sheet - 1 pc.
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