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Automatic urinal flush unit KG6329

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  • Color: chrome
  • Advantages of the product

    • Infrared sensor
    • Advanced energy saving technology
    • Waterproof, vandal resistant sensor aperture
    • Low battery warning light in the sensor aperture
    • Automatic sensor sensitivity adjustment
    • Advanced water technology
    • Standard AAA battery type
    • Leak and drip protection
    • Built-in mechanical filter with easy access for maintenance

    The Kopfgescheit Automatic Urinal Flush Unit KG6329 ensures comfort and hygiene for use in restaurants, cafés, hotels, medical cabinets, hospitals, offices, production facilities, etc. The device is equipped with an infrared sensor and can be connected to nearly any urinal.

    Once installed and connected, the device is ready for use. As soon as a person enters the sensor's range, it switches from battery saving mode to standby mode. Once the person leaves the sensor range, the main amount of water is dispensed.

    Operating mode:
    Pre-flush: Object in sensor range 2 sec. - Pre-flush 2 sec.
    Flush time: Object in sensor range 3 to 20 sec. - Flush time 4 sec.
    Object in sensor range 20 sec. or more. - Flush time 6 sec.

    Maintenance of the device:

    The device does not require any special maintenance. Clean it regularly with a damp cloth using a small amount of soapy water. Do not use abrasive or solvents to clean the appliance. Ensure that the sensor aperture is clean. If the batteries are low, they must be replaced. If the valve is dirty, it can be partially disassembled and cleaned with special solutions, this operation should only be carried out by a qualified technician.

    • Sensor type - CMOS with microcomputer KG-VII+
    • Power - 0.5 mW
    • Power supply voltage - 6V, 4 AA batteries (not included), DC
    • Operating temperature range - 0.1°C to +45°C
    • Inlet and outlet pipe diameter - DN15
    • Switching zone - 30-80 cm
    • Can be remotely set using a remote control (not included)
    • Working pressure 0.03 - 0.7 MPa
    • Installation - external, into the wall to the pipe
    • Protection class - IP56
    • Manual - 1 pc.
    • Complete device (incl. valve, housing, battery compartment) - 1 pc.
    • Gasket - 1 pc.
    • Tube - 1 pc.
    • Nut - 1 pc.
    • Decorative cover for gasket - 1 pc.
    • Decorative plug for tube - 1 pc.
    • M20 - 1 pc.
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