External power supply unit KG-PSU2

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The Kopfgescheit KG-PSU2 external power supply unit is designed to connect the Kopfgescheit KG and KR series electronic sanitaryware to an external power supply. It can be connected to an external power supply from 110 volts to 230 volts directly from your AC mains, or 9 to 15 volts via the Kopfgescheit KG-AC1210 (or KG-AC1250) step-down transformer - this option is preferable, as the low voltage is safe to use. If an external power supply is connected and batteries are installed at the same time, the KG-PSU2 will automatically switch over to battery power in the event of an emergency external power failure and will switch to it when the external power supply is restored (UPS function). This ensures that the electronic plumbing system will continue to operate even without external power.
The black terminals are used for the 12-volt mains connection, and the red and black terminals are used for the 220-volt mains connection. The Kopfgescheit KG-PSU2 is not compatible with third-party electronic plumbing fittings.

  • External power supply 220V - AC 110-230V
  • External power supply 12V - AC/DC 9-15V
  • Power consumption - 10W
  • Operating temperature 1 to 45°C
  • Kopfgescheit KG-PSU2 - 1 pc.
  • Packaging - 1 pc.
  • Product data sheet - 1 pc.
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