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KR5147V-DC - New in the Kopfgescheit range of automatic faucets

KR5147V-DC - New in the Kopfgescheit range of automatic faucets

25 May 2022


The KR5147V-DC is the latest development in Kopfgescheit's range of automatic faucets. It is the fourth stainless steel model in the brand's portfolio. Retailing for 7,990 roubles, it is the most cost-effective faucet with temperature control.

Miniature sensors with fully digital signal processing. Swivel-mounted spout. No plastic in the entire pipe system. SUS304 stainless steel allows the use of all types of detergents for cleaning.

The KR5147V-DC has many advantages:

  • The user can adjust the water temperature;
  • The high-quality materials used in production: stainless steel (SUS304, AISI304) and sanitary brass with a low lead content;
  • Equipped with digital infrared sensor with automatic adjustment;
  • Vandalism protected;
  • Base glued for easy installation;
  • All types of detergents can be used;
  • Operates with standard AA batteries (4 pcs.);
  • Operates from any USB power supply;
  • Uses ceramic cartridge to regulate water temperature;
  • Built-in 100 µm fine filter;
  • Allows filter and valve maintenance without disconnecting the water supply;
  • Equipped with water flow regulator;
  • Equipped with water flow limiter;
  • Has a built-in non-return valve for hot and cold water;
  • Uses a concealed aerator with a special spanner for maintenance;
  • Supplied with stainless steel flexible bellows hose;
  • 5-year unlimited warranty for commercial use;
  • Service support is available for the entire lifetime of the product.

The new product is available at Kopfgescheit dealers, on the " OZON" and " Yandex Market " marketplaces, on the websites of DIY retailers Leroy Merlin and "Все инструменты".

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